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The „Don’t buy anything this season“ Challenge

It probably was an impleasant moment for the Bread & Butter Berlin management, when Vivienne Westwood entered the stage last week and called to stop buying anything this season. In her opinion especially the fashion industry produces much too much and the consequences of fast fashion are disastrous for the environment and people in the producing countries.


If I look around, my growing circle of friends are consuming less, instead of hunting every style and trend. Not consuming earns much more reputation than another new outfit. And people, who don’t buy anything for a certain time – once a week – or even one full year long – inspire and impress with their amount of money saving with this lifestyle.

„A full year of no spending seemed the only way of resetting my relationship with money completely.“ claims Michelle McGagh (listen to her audio book here).

„Not spending any money“ means in her definition no morning takeaway coffees, no cloths, no makeup. No cinema trips, no nights in the pub, no takeaways or restaurant meals, no holidays, no gym memberships, not even something like a candy bar from the supermarket. Only the food her husband bought on a budget of $57 per week and essentials like mortgage utilities, life insurance, charity donations, broadband and mobile phone bills or basic toiletries and cleaning products were allowed.

It sounds very hard to live like that for a day or even one week – to start with cooking every meal you eat. But she saved that way AU$37,000 – and not to mention the other good aspects like less waste and having a low carbon food print.

Well, Michelle McGagh is an extreme example of the stop buying movement, but what can each and every one of us learn from it? We could try out how things change in our consumer behavior if we stop hunting every trend piece, and focus on what we already have in our closets. Most of us own more than we could wear in one season, so instead of adding more on more we could first start reducing our masses to the really essential pieces. Many of this years’ trends can be styled with already existing clothes.


I think will adjust this challenge in a way that allows me to buy 5 pieces this season, also called the “french five pieces wardrobe”. Building a capsule wardrobe out of high-quality basics and only adding some selected fashion-forward statement pieces each season is a really clever way to spend less money on fashion while owning only beloved things. And a real challenge for me!

Buy only 5 pieces per season is my beginning of consuming less, and I am looking forward what will be on my top 5 this summer or rather what old treasures out of my closet will come alive! Thank you, Vivienne Westwood.


Abnormal Spring days

An abnormal spring day in March, it’s when your day starts wearing a coat, the sun is strong und we end up lunching in a T-Shirt before another rain shower ends the illusions about having a coffee outside. My essentials to fight this inconsistent weather right now is to have everything with me: a warm coat or cape, V neck pumps for the feeling, striped spring shirt and of course a bag that warms my heart… 😉

Cape: See by Chloé
Shirt: Maje
Jeans: H&M
Pumps: & other stories
Bag: Chloé


Interior Kids Shopping


Having their first bath is for every baby quite exciting. I remember my little one and his big eyes, when I slowly sat him into his tummy tub. Meanwhile he started already enjoying the bath in a big bathtub with a lot of foam and water toys. Slowly every room of my apartment is turning from a female home into a kids place, which I was in the beginning afraid of – but when I see how much fun my son has I do not care any more to live on a huge playground.

Especially when there are so many things that are not only exciting for kids but also for their mums! Why not kill two birds with one stone and redecorate some things in a way to pleases both of us. Here come some ideas for the bath for big and small ones.

Berlin Outfit Winter

OOTD: How to survive Berlin Winter

Yes! It is actually as cold as it looks on the picture right now in Berlin. When I moved here 8 years ago, my first winter in Berlin was a terrible experience. In contrast to Munich, where I lived before, the temperature is much lower and even worse, many weeks the sky is just cloudy, so that on some days it is hard to tell if it is 9 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon. You many times don’t see the sun for days and everything is just grey in grey.

This winter we were quite lucky so far, with “a lot” (every 2nd day?) of sunshine in January and mild temperatures compared to the years before. But for sure you need something like a plan, how to survive those cold and dark months between November and April. Here comes my little guide how to get on during that time.

Fashion Trend


We have seen it at Valentino, Hermès, Sportmax, Blumarine, Michael Kors, Jeremy Scott, Moschino, Bottega Veneta, Chanel and Trussardi – just to name a few: rose in different tones from super soft pastell to bold pink is big this spring!

Just in time, pink statement pieces arrived in many online shops or even are in sale. Be inspired and / or have a look into your wardrobe for pink pieces. Playing around with different shades of pink and wearing it from head to toe is something I will try for sure this season…

Creative Mind Love

F* Valentine’s Day! I LOVE YOU Every Single Day!

How to survive the day where feelings have to be expressed like a lemon on a squeezer?!?

Every year we are confronted on 14th of February with the fact, that we should celebrate our love. I guess 9 out of 10 women don’t have a Valentine’s day that makes them really happy: In times when you are single, you get even more frustrated to be reminded of this status – no, there is not someone special in my life right now. In times, when you are in a relationship with a partner, who loves you but is not the type for showing his love on a certain day (=99% of men I know), this might even more make you feel sad. And in times when you are in love – why would you need a Valentine’s Day to celebrate that?

So, what is this Valentine’s day then? Isn’t it just another industry-made concept to consume once more things we do not really need?!

I collected for you some ideas – how to celebrate Valentine’s day in a way that will make YOU happy, no matter if you are single or in a relationship or in another undefined love status 😉 And you should do this not only once a year!


BYE BYE WINTER: 13 spring blouses for under 40,-EUR

Let’s be honest: February is the month when winter starts to feel like it is never going to end. We have worn our winter outfits in many variations, the sale is almost over and now is the time to dream of warmer temperatures and visit the shops to have a pretaste of spring in the fitting room.