Welcome to Jorinna’s independent blog.

The blog shows everything she likes: fashion trends, styles, items and products she buys or would like to, recommendable places or things to do all over the world, her daily outfit, delicious food, inspirational architecture and art.

It is a personal selection of her taste.

The featured brands and items are part of her style, and are marked if they should be sponsored or a collaboration. Jorinna’s focus lays on posting trends and inspirations, but also being a consumer who reflects on many aspects of the fashion industry.

Her criteria for selecting items can be named as: Be creative, shop small, buy local, avoid industry-made trends, be authentic, invest in quality, beauty / good design and long-term purchases.

Jorinna (*1982) lives in Berlin, but also has a big love for California.

With a great passion for everything visual she is working in the field of advertising as designer and director for 10+ years and has built up her own studio for design and film production. Also check out her art platform.

For direct contact, email to contact ( at )

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