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Outfit Winter


I have a remedy against grey January days in Berlin: wear white. It not only brightens my mood, with pink/blue gradient sunglasses on top I am on cloud 7. Now I only have to care about my son not cleaning his fingers on my coat…

Interior Kids Shopping


My little boy is growing from day to day and already 5 months old. It is unbelievable how fast time flies when you have kids – and we are already buying a little chair for him so that very soon he can have “lunch” with us. Searching for kid chairs was again – like most of the other purchases for him – not quite easy. Because you have to buy stuff, and at the same time don’t want your stylish home more and more become looking like a kindergarten. So it is every time a little fight, but this time I am quite happy. My strategy is: Mix it up with really straight, minimalistic and bold interior pieces. I am looking forward to show you my selection of interior investments:

Outfit Shopping Winter

OOTD: First Snow with Acne Studios Boots

Lovely people, winter finally arrived in Berlin with its first snow. It is so beautiful, when everything is coated with a very white and clean layer. It just started snowing when we took the photos two days ago, in the meantime we already have several centimeters of snow and -2 degree celsius maximum during the day!

Creative Mind


The new year only just begun, and maybe you are working again or still on holidays. Anyway, a lot of people use the change of the years to rethink some things of their daily routine or set themselves some goals. I usually do that several times a year, and I have here my 8 essentials that already proved themselves to reach my goals faster. May they be helpful for you, too!

Dinner Outfit

NYE w/ Gold Zara Pants & Marni Sandals

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had a wonderful start into 2017 already and I wish that all your dreams and good resolutions may come true this year!

We celebrated New Year’s Eve quite cosy at home, having Raclette dinner with friends and tiny fireworks on the balcony. It was our first year with the baby and I was extremely grateful and endlessly happy about 2016, even though so many bad things had happened in the world this year.

Well, it was just a small kitchen party, but it didn’t mean we sat there like coach potatoes 😉 Here comes my NYE’s outfit:


YSL: My Minaudière

„A minaudière is a women’s fashion accessory, generally considered a jewelry piece, intended to substitute for an evening bag. Generally metal plated and oblong, sized small enough to be held within the hand, a minaudière is a dainty accessory. The materials used to make it are most frequently rigid, with a metallic finish such as gold or silver.“


I think every well selected female wardrobe should include a minaudière. Because there are these evenings, where you don’t need more than just lipstick and keys… 😉


OOTD: Biker Jacket, my faithful friend

My biker jacket has been on so many days my faithful companion, that it deserves a blog post itself.

It gives me strength when I am weak, it is my shield against rain, wind and so many things. It danced with me through the nights, protected me like a guarding dog, and I never want to miss it again.

If you don’t have a biker jacket so far, it might be the perfect last minute wish for christmas. Because it is classic and always will be – and with some adjustments like a cape or vest on top or underneath, it is a all-year-long wearable it-piece.

Fashion Winter


It is getting cold outside in Berlin – around 0 degrees even during the day already and only the snow is missing. With this fresh temperatures we need a special kind of warm shoes here, especially when the ground freezes and is getting really slippy! And every year it is the same quite difficult question: Which are the best winter shoes?