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The „Don’t buy anything this season“ Challenge

It probably was an impleasant moment for the Bread & Butter Berlin management, when Vivienne Westwood entered the stage last week and called to stop buying anything this season. In her opinion especially the fashion industry produces much too much and the consequences of fast fashion are disastrous for the environment and people in the producing countries.


If I look around, my growing circle of friends are consuming less, instead of hunting every style and trend. Not consuming earns much more reputation than another new outfit. And people, who don’t buy anything for a certain time – once a week – or even one full year long – inspire and impress with their amount of money saving with this lifestyle.

„A full year of no spending seemed the only way of resetting my relationship with money completely.“ claims Michelle McGagh (listen to her audio book here).

„Not spending any money“ means in her definition no morning takeaway coffees, no cloths, no makeup. No cinema trips, no nights in the pub, no takeaways or restaurant meals, no holidays, no gym memberships, not even something like a candy bar from the supermarket. Only the food her husband bought on a budget of $57 per week and essentials like mortgage utilities, life insurance, charity donations, broadband and mobile phone bills or basic toiletries and cleaning products were allowed.

It sounds very hard to live like that for a day or even one week – to start with cooking every meal you eat. But she saved that way AU$37,000 – and not to mention the other good aspects like less waste and having a low carbon food print.

Well, Michelle McGagh is an extreme example of the stop buying movement, but what can each and every one of us learn from it? We could try out how things change in our consumer behavior if we stop hunting every trend piece, and focus on what we already have in our closets. Most of us own more than we could wear in one season, so instead of adding more on more we could first start reducing our masses to the really essential pieces. Many of this years’ trends can be styled with already existing clothes.


I think will adjust this challenge in a way that allows me to buy 5 pieces this season, also called the “french five pieces wardrobe”. Building a capsule wardrobe out of high-quality basics and only adding some selected fashion-forward statement pieces each season is a really clever way to spend less money on fashion while owning only beloved things. And a real challenge for me!

Buy only 5 pieces per season is my beginning of consuming less, and I am looking forward what will be on my top 5 this summer or rather what old treasures out of my closet will come alive! Thank you, Vivienne Westwood.

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F* Valentine’s Day! I LOVE YOU Every Single Day!

How to survive the day where feelings have to be expressed like a lemon on a squeezer?!?

Every year we are confronted on 14th of February with the fact, that we should celebrate our love. I guess 9 out of 10 women don’t have a Valentine’s day that makes them really happy: In times when you are single, you get even more frustrated to be reminded of this status – no, there is not someone special in my life right now. In times, when you are in a relationship with a partner, who loves you but is not the type for showing his love on a certain day (=99% of men I know), this might even more make you feel sad. And in times when you are in love – why would you need a Valentine’s Day to celebrate that?

So, what is this Valentine’s day then? Isn’t it just another industry-made concept to consume once more things we do not really need?!

I collected for you some ideas – how to celebrate Valentine’s day in a way that will make YOU happy, no matter if you are single or in a relationship or in another undefined love status 😉 And you should do this not only once a year!

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The new year only just begun, and maybe you are working again or still on holidays. Anyway, a lot of people use the change of the years to rethink some things of their daily routine or set themselves some goals. I usually do that several times a year, and I have here my 8 essentials that already proved themselves to reach my goals faster. May they be helpful for you, too!

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Buy less, choose well, make it last!

Hello again lovely people,

my little baby break is over and I am happy to return online – step by step – not without a fresh new start! In the last three months my world changed, not only from having this new life as a mother with a lot of responsibility and only few hours of sleep, also the way I think about certain things, especially about how I organize my wardrobe is something I want to tell you about.

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It’s been a while since my last post – for a simple reason: My little baby arrived!

I feel like right now is one of the most exciting, sometimes also exhausting, but definitely happiest time of my life.
As I mentioned earlier before, I did not start this blog to become a maternity/baby blog, so I will keep this post short, just telling you, I will soon be back with a lot more outfits, inspirational trends and travel recommendations…

Until then – you see me cuddling my little boy, the most adorable and heart-melting little human on this planet.

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“NEW ORDER” in the fashion world

Berlin Fashion Week is starting tomorrow and the fashion scene already kicked off today at ZEITmagazin Conference “Fashion & Style: New Order” held at the Kronprinzenpalais.

Especially the panel talk with Christiane Arp (Chief-Editor Vogue Germany) and newcomer designer Annelie Schubert, probably the most hyped and talented one in German fashion business right now, catched my interest.

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I have to tell you about those two Turkish woman, who are outstanding in so many ways. Rarely I have seen such a combination of talent, female power, beauty and political awareness. They are twins and an extraordinary example of how modern and openminded the Turkish culture could be.

First of all, Ferhan and Ferzan Önder are one of the most talented young pianists of our times. When they enter the stage – dressed in floor-length gowns of white silk and wavy long hair – you feel reminded of a fashion event and their aura is immense. It is the maximum of modern feminity you can demonstrate. And with all that said, they sit down at their pianos and perform „Gezi Park I“, a piece composed by Fazil Say – the „enfant terrible“, on the occasion of the demonstrations at the same-named park.

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Hello Berlin! Hello Spring!

As you might have noticed I have been quite busy working on this site for the last 5 weeks.

With the latest update of my WordPress theme not only many of my plugins got updated – also unfortunately my blog posts were gone!

Of course I was kind of shocked in the beginning and tried to recover them from the backups. Which made me realize that also my backup system was not working properly and did not save anything in the last two weeks. So I thought about rewriting and reposting the latest articles. But then I felt like this site and first of all the content was anyway not really “finished” stylewise and I also experienced a development in my posts, so that the 5th post was already so different from the 1st one, that it would totally make sense just to drop the “old content”.

With this decision I feel now totally good and happy to start again from (almost) Zero, taking this little backup accident as a chance to relaunch with the style of photography and way of writing that will fit better to me, and see all this as a process of learning. 🙂 so to say: lucky me!

In the meantime you can still follow my instagram account jorinna, and I promise to be back here soon with tons of fresh, cool stuff!