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F* Valentine’s Day! I LOVE YOU Every Single Day!

How to survive the day where feelings have to be expressed like a lemon on a squeezer?!?

Every year we are confronted on 14th of February with the fact, that we should celebrate our love. I guess 9 out of 10 women don’t have a Valentine’s day that makes them really happy: In times when you are single, you get even more frustrated to be reminded of this status – no, there is not someone special in my life right now. In times, when you are in a relationship with a partner, who loves you but is not the type for showing his love on a certain day (=99% of men I know), this might even more make you feel sad. And in times when you are in love – why would you need a Valentine’s Day to celebrate that?

So, what is this Valentine’s day then? Isn’t it just another industry-made concept to consume once more things we do not really need?!

I collected for you some ideas – how to celebrate Valentine’s day in a way that will make YOU happy, no matter if you are single or in a relationship or in another undefined love status 😉 And you should do this not only once a year!

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It’s been a while since my last post – for a simple reason: My little baby arrived!

I feel like right now is one of the most exciting, sometimes also exhausting, but definitely happiest time of my life.
As I mentioned earlier before, I did not start this blog to become a maternity/baby blog, so I will keep this post short, just telling you, I will soon be back with a lot more outfits, inspirational trends and travel recommendations…

Until then – you see me cuddling my little boy, the most adorable and heart-melting little human on this planet.