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LOOK: Maternity Dresses

When it comes to pregnancy dresses, I thought for almost 3/4 of my pregnancy it would be best just to wear everything what I have been wearing before and see where I still fit in. I was quite lucky with the way how my body changed in the beginning, more or less only my bump was growing…

The last weeks of my maternity though my bump literally exploded to a size where almost everyone was just asking: „When is your delivery??“ and I had to answer „still 4 or 5 weeks“. With the new proportions I also had to find styles that where growing with me for the final weeks, and at the same time make me feel comfortable with my body.

Besides the fact that I was not fitting in any of my maternity jeans anymore, I found three types of dresses that were really useful for different moods.

Maternity Outfit

OOTD: Mixed Prints

Here comes another pregnancy  look – probably one of my final ones, because I am already in the 36th week! It is so exciting how time flies, and at the same time my bump is still growing from week to week.

Many of my clothes do not fit anymore, even most of my maternity wear is too tight like the mom-jeans. And sometimes I just have to be creative, like in this outfit: both are “normal” clothes, just in big sizes and worn a bit different like the skirt that I refunctioned wearing it much higher that usually.

Fashion Maternity

Weekend-Look: Romantic Dresses

After a busy week I am ready for the weekend! And looking forward to spend as much time as possible in the nature, somewhere on the countryside at the lake. And if the weather is not warm enough for jumping into the water and we just lay somewhere in the grass to have a picknick – what fits better than a romantic weekend summer look for that! 

Maternity Outfit

OOTD: Danish Design x Trenchcoat

Temperatures went down this week in Berlin and we started to have a typical German summer which is maybe quite similar to the weather in Denmark.

But if you are a working girl like me – on some days it feels actually quite fair to have a bit of rain during the week as long as we get sunshine at the weekends!

Maternity Outfit

LOOK: Embroidered Denim Bomber

It was love at first sight, when this denim dream catched my eye. It is indeed a bit oversized, which makes it even more adorable for me to wear. Of course it is vintage – and I want to encourage you to go hunting in vintage stores! Sometimes it can be really fun, because you never know what finds you.

Maternity Outfit

OOTD: Friday Night Summer Dress

Today I want to present you one of my favourite dresses right now – having the bump 😉

How I experience my body changes from day to day, sometimes everything feels really uncomfortable and I am even exhausted after putting on shoes. An immense influence during the day make also the clothes I am wearing, I don’t want anything right now that is constricting.

This crepes silk dress from & other stories is very light and downsizes the bump a little bit. Flowing materials and gatherings at the right places help a lot right now!


Maternity Outfit

OOTD: Vintage Leather Vest

For sure you know Aimee Song aka Songofstyle! But do you also know her sister Dani? I love her style, and this outfit is inspired by her. I already had to think about her when I found this gorgeous leather vest in a vintage shop in Venice, and wanted to put together a rock’n roll outfit she would also like to wear.

Maternity Outfit

OOTD: Massimo Dutti Summer Dress

We already had some very warm days in Berlin early May. The whole city transforms immediately as soon as the sun is shining, everybody is outside and enjoying the sun. To cover the skin at least a little bit to protect it from getting burned, I love wearing linen. It even has a cooling effect underneath, and is super comfortable for very hot days.