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CITY TRIP: Hong Kong

Here comes best of my latest trip to Asia, first time China, first time Hong Kong. It is a city so diverse that I definitely want to come back one day, because I feel like even though I’ve spend there almost a week I only saw a fraction of what it is…


HOLIDAYS: Roadtripping Sicily

With beautiful nature, amazing food, a lot of sunshine and nice places to stay – Sicily is a classical holiday destination for all seasons. Especially in spring it already offers a foretaste of summer, while the rest of Europe is still hibernating.


LIFESTYLE: The Perfect Day In Malibu

During my last holidays in Los Angeles – visiting my brother who lives there since 5 years – I was many times in Malibu. It is such a small place, but has so much to offer that I think it is definitely worth collecting the best places to go and things to do.

Don’t pass by because your not finding a parking slot.

Entering Malibu via PCH1 can be a little bit stressful at first, because it is more or less a highway, cars driving quite fast and you have to look for a parking slot directly at the road. At weekends many times cars are waiting second line for a free spot, and they are really hard to find when the weather is nice. The second little adventure is crossing the road as a pedestrian. It can be dangerous and sometimes we waited around 5 minutes or longer if there is no traffic light near by. But all this is totally worth it, I promise!