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OOTD: How to survive Berlin Winter

Yes! It is actually as cold as it looks on the picture right now in Berlin. When I moved here 8 years ago, my first winter in Berlin was a terrible experience. In contrast to Munich, where I lived before, the temperature is much lower and even worse, many weeks the sky is just cloudy, so that on some days it is hard to tell if it is 9 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon. You many times don’t see the sun for days and everything is just grey in grey.

This winter we were quite lucky so far, with “a lot” (every 2nd day?) of sunshine in January and mild temperatures compared to the years before. But for sure you need something like a plan, how to survive those cold and dark months between November and April. Here comes my little guide how to get on during that time.

Outfit Winter


I have a remedy against grey January days in Berlin: wear white. It not only brightens my mood, with pink/blue gradient sunglasses on top I am on cloud 7. Now I only have to care about my son not cleaning his fingers on my coat…

Outfit Shopping Winter

OOTD: First Snow with Acne Studios Boots

Lovely people, winter finally arrived in Berlin with its first snow. It is so beautiful, when everything is coated with a very white and clean layer. It just started snowing when we took the photos two days ago, in the meantime we already have several centimeters of snow and -2 degree celsius maximum during the day!

Fashion Winter


It is getting cold outside in Berlin – around 0 degrees even during the day already and only the snow is missing. With this fresh temperatures we need a special kind of warm shoes here, especially when the ground freezes and is getting really slippy! And every year it is the same quite difficult question: Which are the best winter shoes?

Outfit Winter


I have to confess I own many coats. And especially before christmas I start wearing my red-blue checked coat / cape quite often. It is an  eye-catchy piece and you see me from far away everywhere 😉 But I love it, especially when the winter starts and only the snow is missing…

Outfit Winter


My lovely pieps, I send you a warm hello from Berlin! I want to share this quite comfy (MAMA) look with you, perfect for sunny but cold days like now – and especially if you are on the road with a baby carrier.