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F* Valentine’s Day! I LOVE YOU Every Single Day!

How to survive the day where feelings have to be expressed like a lemon on a squeezer?!?

Every year we are confronted on 14th of February with the fact, that we should celebrate our love. I guess 9 out of 10 women don’t have a Valentine’s day that makes them really happy: In times when you are single, you get even more frustrated to be reminded of this status – no, there is not someone special in my life right now. In times, when you are in a relationship with a partner, who loves you but is not the type for showing his love on a certain day (=99% of men I know), this might even more make you feel sad. And in times when you are in love – why would you need a Valentine’s Day to celebrate that?

So, what is this Valentine’s day then? Isn’t it just another industry-made concept to consume once more things we do not really need?!

I collected for you some ideas – how to celebrate Valentine’s day in a way that will make YOU happy, no matter if you are single or in a relationship or in another undefined love status 😉 And you should do this not only once a year!

1) Celebrate the Love to yourself

Tell yourself how much you love yourself, just the way you are. If you like, make yourself a little present. If you are single, see it positive: You can take the money, which you would have spent otherwise for a significant other and get yourself something special.

2) Share your Love

Write or call the people that a really important in your life and wish them happy Valentine. Friends and family are the ones, that love you unconditionally, no matter what…

3) Fall in Love

Take the time to think about something you always wanted to try or to do, but there was never the time or occasion. Today is the day to start something new, and who knows maybe it will last forever.

4) If you are in love: Kiss your beloved one and tell him/her I LOVE YOU.

Wish you a wonderful Valentine’s day with tons of love,

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