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Hello Berlin! Hello Spring!

As you might have noticed I have been quite busy working on this site for the last 5 weeks.

With the latest update of my WordPress theme not only many of my plugins got updated – also unfortunately my blog posts were gone!

Of course I was kind of shocked in the beginning and tried to recover them from the backups. Which made me realize that also my backup system was not working properly and did not save anything in the last two weeks. So I thought about rewriting and reposting the latest articles. But then I felt like this site and first of all the content was anyway not really “finished” stylewise and I also experienced a development in my posts, so that the 5th post was already so different from the 1st one, that it would totally make sense just to drop the “old content”.

With this decision I feel now totally good and happy to start again from (almost) Zero, taking this little backup accident as a chance to relaunch with the style of photography and way of writing that will fit better to me, and see all this as a process of learning. 🙂 so to say: lucky me!

In the meantime you can still follow my instagram account jorinna, and I promise to be back here soon with tons of fresh, cool stuff!



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  • you followed me on Instagram and….when I saw yours such a lot of inspiration Thank U <3


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