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Berlin Mauerpark Streetstyle

Berlin Mauerpark Streetstyle


For every vintage lover, Sunday is the day for shopping at flea markets in Berlin. The most well-known is for sure at Mauerpark.


 But also the ones in Nowkoelln (Maybachufer) and Kreuzberg Marheineplatz (Bergmannstraße) are worth a visit. With this beautiful Indian summer today, I went on a stroll starting at Arkonaplatz – a small but well sorted market in Mitte – and continued with Mauerpark at Bernauer Straße, which is only five Minutes from there.

Besides having a look on the many tables and clothes racks to see if there is something that might complete my next outfit, it was sometimes even more inspiring to watch the visitors and their styles. 

I love Berlin for its diversity and freedom to express your style no matter what.

Just more or less on the walk by, I captured some of the streetstyles that inspired me today. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to meet such lovely people who let me take pictures of their well-selected outfits. 

Coming from all over the world, it was once more so nice to discover how people from different countries mix fashion trends with their own culture.

When I travel, I always try to explore foreign flea markets and vintage stores. For me it is a way to get to know the culture of the place I visit in a very personal way. And old stuff from people far away is so much more fascinating than the stuff we have at home, isn’t it?

I find it in general very interesting how people perceive something seeing it the first time. Maybe that’s a big part of the magic with shopping vintage pieces. Because the range between what it was once and how it can be styled now, is totally open.

– Where in the world is your favorite flea market? –



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