Fashion Winter


It is getting cold outside in Berlin – around 0 degrees even during the day already and only the snow is missing. With this fresh temperatures we need a special kind of warm shoes here, especially when the ground freezes and is getting really slippy! And every year it is the same quite difficult question: Which are the best winter shoes?

I need boots
– that are warm,
– are resistible against dirt,
– have a good grip to the ground
– and, which is the difficult part, are still nice looking!

Here comes a little best of my research this year:

1) Mira Shine ankle boots by Ganni
I immediately fell in love with those ones, they are so pretty! I am only scared they will not survive the dirt that comes with the snow…


2) Harper Leather ankle boots by Chloé
They seem to be a timeless choice, and beautiful with the broad shoelace


3) Falcon suede concealed-wedge boots by Salvatore Ferragamo
They are also available in black and brown, but this bright lilac are my favorites.


4) Antique White Compass Boots by Rag & Bone
Don’t they look like ice-skates?! <3


5) Shearling-Trimmed leather ankle boots by Jimmy Choo
Practical and stylish, and for sure a timeless pair of shoes that last for a decade.


Which one is your favorite one? Do you have some inspiration for me???


p.s. Happy Nicholas everyone! Hope you had your boots out there last night!

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