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Classics: The White Sneaker

White is more popular than any other color, when it comes to sneakers.

Just for fun, I recently counted peoples’ shoe color on Kastanienallee, Prenzlauer Berg / Berlin. And the surprising fact is, that more than 1/3 (35 out of 100 passengers) wear white sneakers.


White is more popular than any other color, when it obviously comes to sneaker. I am quite stunned to see so many trends come and go, but this one seems to stay since years and is growing even bigger.

White sneaker are an absolute wardrobe essential and can be styled in so many different ways. Especially when they replace high heels, they can almost be seen as a tiny shoe revolution. More white sneakers please!


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5 Hacks to keep Sneakers White

My biggest issue with white sneakers always has been to keep them white. I happens to me so fast, that they look old after only a short time, and that probably has to do with wrong cleaning. So here come some tipps how to keep them looking box-fresh as long as possible:

1) Never wear them before using protection spray

2) Brush out any dirt gentle

3) Use vinegar or bleach to clean stains

4) Never wash them in the machine

5) Cover scratches with white nail polish





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