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Sunglasses – My Choices for Summer 2016

My love for sunglasses actually just started 5 or 6 years ago. But it is growing from year to year, and especially this year the designer’s crazy creations, especially the glasses by FENDI make my heart beat up!

I think it is good to have some „classics“ for the days you feel just a bit more average or need something more neutral in your face. But there are also those outfits that just need statement sunglasses to be completed and I want to present you both!

Dior „so real“ are worn by so many fashion bloggers that it is really hard not to mention them, if you are talking about sunglasses trends 2016. And they actually are quite cool, but in my opinion need a bold outfit that speaks for itself.


„Irida“ by FENDI are my personal favourites this year, just because they make me happy. It is hard to explain why, they just are so funny in a certain way that I always get into a good mood wearing them. Girls, chrystals, it is hard to explain… Do you see me in the reflection of the glasses? It was not possible to hide!



The „Horn Ernest“ by Triwa are a very reasonable and classy choice, they fit to many of my outfits and are kind of timeless. The frame is really beautiful in direct sunlight.



These Louis Vuittons are definitely something for good days. If you want to buy something without a big label in your face, I recommend you the sunglasses by Someday Somewhere. They really have nice glasses, but a bit more understatement.



My Cat-Eye Sunglasses MARC by Marc Jacobs are also one of my daily choices, I especially like the cute dots on the frame. They are a bit rounded, which fits better to my face. Unfortunately those glasses are sold out right now, but I found very similar by Tory Burch.


Which are you favourite sunglasses this year? Looking forward to hear from you!

Happy Summertime!!



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