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Buy less, choose well, make it last!

Hello again lovely people,

my little baby break is over and I am happy to return online – step by step – not without a fresh new start! In the last three months my world changed, not only from having this new life as a mother with a lot of responsibility and only few hours of sleep, also the way I think about certain things, especially about how I organize my wardrobe is something I want to tell you about.

I guess it started during pregnancy, when I did not fit into 80% of my cloths any more. It was frustrating to be confronted by this fact every time I was entering my wardrobe, so I packed everything into boxes.

Around half a year later, 12 weeks after birth, I had the hope to fit back into my old jeans again and started to open those boxes. But I was quite surprised: I had forgotten most of my old stuff! And instead of many happy surprises most of my old pieces felt like a burden from the past – and often „not my style“ anymore. So I was wondering: Why do I possess so many cloths, that I do not even miss? And even more: why do I constantly buy so many things I give away after a year or two?


Many times I went shopping like a hobby, instead of really „in the need“ for something. It was collecting every style, every color, every cut. I guess having had this short break of endless purchases at the weekend, and spending instead much more time with „things that really matter“ I reached again a healthy understanding about my possessions.

„Buy less, choose well, make it last“ is one of Vivienne Westwoods’ credos against fast fashion. YES!


Instead of having a „nice“ feeling while getting more and more, I started to have that kick with selling my stuff. Almost 75% went out of my closet, to flea markets and online platforms like ebay, rebelle and kleiderkreisel. In the last 90 days I sold more than 3 pieces a day, every day. An amazing feeling, so liberating!

My wardrobe cleared slowly by slowly and the left pieces are very beloved ones. It is still full, but I can now enter it again and notice every single item I possess, a wonderful feeling. Having too many choices, especially if many of them do not feel like 100% right for you, can be a bewildering variety.


I am curious how long I will keep up my rule: to sell every day 3 things. I guess at least another 60 days. And I am really curious how many things I will keep at the end – can I be as radical like many other people who own only 100 things?


1) Empty your complete wardrobe. Then you realize how much stuff it is really is.

2) Try on every single piece, check if it really suits you.

3) Everything you have not worn within the last 12 months has to go away, unless you manage to wear it within the next 3 days.

4) If you are still indecisive, pack the stuff into boxes and open them again half a year later. Time will give you a new perspective on many things.


Pic: stylizimoblog

And at the end – if you are interested in shopping my wardrobe – pieces you have seen in my outfit posts, please let me know! Chances are good, they are already online at one of the vintage market places. Just comment below and I will get back to you.




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