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Having their first bath is for every baby quite exciting. I remember my little one and his big eyes, when I slowly sat him into his tummy tub. Meanwhile he started already enjoying the bath in a big bathtub with a lot of foam and water toys. Slowly every room of my apartment is turning from a female home into a kids place, which I was in the beginning afraid of – but when I see how much fun my son has I do not care any more to live on a huge playground.

Especially when there are so many things that are not only exciting for kids but also for their mums! Why not kill two birds with one stone and redecorate some things in a way to pleases both of us. Here come some ideas for the bath for big and small ones.

To start with in my opinion one of the most important aspects of interior, I want to show you those lights designed by Sputnik Estudio. Named after the greek little archipelago “Santorini” this lamp is meant to be an outdoor lamp but can of course be used inside, too. It not only looks super cute, you can also adjust yourself the elements in many different and get creatively involved. Nice! Still available here.

My bathroom is still missing a heated floor, that’s why carpets are of special interest, in particular with a little carpet crawler 😉 especially my son likes “to discover” this one quite much, and I like the soft colours. It is available Fantasy Room.

Muji has always been a great place for me for minimalistic and pretty stuff. Their range is growing from year to year and I am always finding something new there, that really has a great benefit in my flat – like for example something simple like a refill, slipper or dishes.

And of course no bath without a bathrobe! I am amazed by this new pieces that recently went online at Zalando. Bathrobe and velvet underwear by OYSHO.

If you have the possibility to design your bath yourself, a stand-alone bathtub is the absolute hero of every apartment… Still a big wish for me! (Bathtub by BERNSTEIN)

Not to forget a succulent, which I have in every room of my flat. The right plant for my kind of green thumb 😉

Cute bath toys and much more beautiful stuff at Tausendkind, which is one of my favorite sources for my sweetheart at the moment.

Did I forget anything? If you have more inspiration how to decorate the bathroom with kids or some feedback, please feel free to comment below.





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