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INTERIOR: Bolia Favs for Fall 2017

Hard to tell where velvet was trending earlier: interior or fashion? It definitely makes daily life a lot cozier in both worlds. A new discovery for me but big at the market is Bolia. Shame on me I did not know them a lot earlier. The Scandinavian label is already celebrating their 17th anniversary, with a lot of special offers.

Since they opened their new, second store in Berlin, I am there on a regular basis to see what’s new or on sale. They have great discounts, like right now 50% on all pillows, which is a great deal. I love their designs, especially when it comes to sofas, textiles and also lightning. They manage to offer a trendy but timeless style, which I appreciate very much. Their color ranges are picked very well, which made my living room changing instantly a lot only by replacing pillows and adding two new poufs. Also their lightning is perfect for a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Everything is hand-crafted and can be picked up quite fast at their storage in Berlin-Tempelhof. Cool!

Madison daybed

Orb lights

Grape lights

50% discount on all pillows (also puffys)

Posea velvet bench, also available as coffee table.

With all those nice interior pieces – isn’t staying in the new going out? Anyway, I am totally ready for sofa time, reading and hot chocolate.






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