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Berlin Fashion Week / 16 # Day 01

Here comes my personal collection of trends and styles, that catched my eye on the first day of Berlin Fashion Week:



One of our youngest design super talents in Berlin: Malaika Raiss showed her SS17 collection at the Kronprinzenpalais, with many truly inspiring and interesting silhouettes.

Fashion Maternity

Weekend-Look: Romantic Dresses

After a busy week I am ready for the weekend! And looking forward to spend as much time as possible in the nature, somewhere on the countryside at the lake. And if the weather is not warm enough for jumping into the water and we just lay somewhere in the grass to have a picknick – what fits better than a romantic weekend summer look for that! 


Sunglasses – My Choices for Summer 2016

My love for sunglasses actually just started 5 or 6 years ago. But it is growing from year to year, and especially this year the designer’s crazy creations, especially the glasses by FENDI make my heart beat up!

I think it is good to have some „classics“ for the days you feel just a bit more average or need something more neutral in your face. But there are also those outfits that just need statement sunglasses to be completed and I want to present you both!



Lace blouses are a must-have for me this season, and I like them especially combined with hats and sandals. They are good to wear casual with high waist short jeans during day or more elegant with wide culottes for dinner.

Have a look at my selection for you for Summer 16!


TREND: Vertical Stripes

It is really funny, because you can find stripes every year, and they always look different. There are so many variations of stripes, the bold ones, the very thin ones, mixed stripes with various widths, and then you also have the white space in between and the direction…


TREND: Satin Statement Pieces

Yes – it is a huge trend right now: Satin statement pieces.

They are classy and timeless, and give you a little extra chic. If you buy items with a „higher“ quality you will enjoy them for a long time – I see here a good reason to spend a little investement.

And proudly show you my latest captures:


TREND: Flowers S/S 16

Flowers have always been in fashion in many different ways of interpretation. It is fascinating to see how they can be reinvented every decade and styled differently. Besides the fact, that they are ultimately feminine, flowers are probably one the simplest and at the same time most beautiful subjects you can find.


This summer, I like them generously big. They have to be bold and I am really into complex floral patterns.


Most of my flower treasures I bought vintage, but I tried to find something similar online.